3 Proven Ways Of Ovarian Cyst Home Treatment That Really Work

Published: 23rd November 2009
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Women everywhere are fed up with popping painkillers or undergoing painful and risky surgery in an attempt to free themselves from the trauma of ovarian cysts only to find that in many cases their cyst gets bigger and they develop even more symptoms, or that even after surgery, the cysts come back. It feels as if their whole lives are on hold and so many women are turning to an ovarian cyst home treatment that can effectively reduce the pain that they have and shrink the cyst and prevent it from recurring.

Ovarian cysts can produce excruciating pain and can cause permanent damage to a woman's reproductive organs in severe cases. They are caused by an imbalance of hormone and sugar levels and it is apparent that medication and surgery can only act as temporary measures, since they only mask the underlying issues and are not preventative. It's little wonder that women are taking control of their own bodies and turning to natural remedies for help.

There are several things a woman can do at home to cure her body of cysts, and three of the most popular treatments are:

Heat Therapy

Placing a heating pad over the pelvic area will provide immediate comfort. One of the best ways to do this is to rub a little olive oil onto the abdomen and cover this with a towel. Lay back and place the heated pad on top of the towel. The heat will not only provide relief from the pain but the oil will absorb into the skin and together with the heat, will promote healing of that area.

Fibre and Water

Increasing the amount of fibre in the diet will naturally reduce pressure on the lower abdomen which in turn will reduce pressure on the ovaries. The less pressure there is in that area, the easier it is for the cysts to heal. Drinking plenty of water will flush out unwanted toxins and help maintain natural bodily functions.


Stress is one of the biggest contributing factors for just about any disease and ovarian cysts are no exception. Try and manage stress levels on a daily basis, perhaps by better time management. Also take time to sit and enjoy a cup of herbal tea and give yourself 15 minutes to clear your head of all problems and, instead, concentrate on happy positive thoughts.

So many women are led to believe that medication and surgery are the only options for treating their ovarian cysts, but trust me when I say that the symptoms of an ovarian cyst can be treated successfully at home without the need for risky surgery or hormonal tablets, that can often have side effects.

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